Who am I?

Melinda Dunlop, 35,  single mum of two beautiful, gorgeous boys, Aaron 4yrs and Corey 18mths. I am the owner and founder of Virtual Sanity, Copywriting and Content Marketing and I run the business from home.

Why am I sharing my journey?

I’m dedicated to writing this blog because I want to keep a journal of the complete transformation of my lifestyle. I’m currently far too overweight, and it’s something that is never really talked about amongst my friends and my family.  Probably because although they might be concerned about my health, what I look like is not an issue to them. They love me just the way I am.  And I love them for that!

I completed Round 2 of the 12WBT, but something went wrong along the way.  Hormones, laziness, doubt, fear, all of that.  It took me over.  I wasn’t depressed or feeling hopeless or anything like that.  I just feel like I slipped into old habits just far too easily.  The DESIRE was there, but turning that into ACTION was not always easy.  I can’t explain that, but I want to fix it.  I lost 11.5 kg through it all though, but deep down I KNOW I didn’t push myself far enough. I’m writing this blog to explore why that happened, because  these are the things that are holding me back from being the person I want to be.

AND, I’m a copywriter.  I love to write.  This is a brilliant outlet for me and I hope I can help others along this 12WBT journey and change my life … for good!

Hunter Valley Winery Running Festival July 2010

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