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Great visual to print out and stick on the fridge!! This sums up what 12WBT is all about and more!

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Hi again, it’s been over a week since I blogged.  My intention was to write something every day to keep track of the emotional journey as well as the physical one, but since I went off the rails in week 3, I’ve let myself down!  The good news is that in Week 4, I got myself back on track and back onto the program.  I had a loss at the Week 4 weigh in, so I’m VERY thankful for that.  Some lessons learnt that I will share with the blog when I get a chance to sit down and write, hopefully later today.

I’m 600 grams off my first goal of 15kg but it’s now TTOM so I’m not sure if I’ll get there this week, but we will see!!

Melinda xo


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My first gain

Well, the scales don’t lie.  Do they?  I wish they did!

I didn’t want to admit it earlier, because it’s personal and one of those ’embarrassing illnesses’ but it’s time for the truth. I’ve had a very painful UTI over the weekend and I’ve been taking some medication that’s basically sodium based, and it’s creatoc havoc with my body! I’ve felt really dehydrated, almost like having a hangover, but I’m sure I’ve retained fluid because the scales tell me I’ve gained a kilo this week.  I also haven’t been to the gym since Thursday because I’ve just been miserable and lacking any motivation whatsoever.

But with my horrid UTI now dealt with and the body finally recovering, let’s deal with that little situation of gaining a KG.  I have to look at this overall.  Yes, it’s a setback.  But, it’s Week 3 and I can recover from it and shift it if I get back to the program today and work a bit harder.

You just can’t let these things take you over.  Let’s look at the big picture.  I started this journey in June.  I’ve lost 13kgs since then.  This is my first and only gain in 3 months, so really, it’s not looking too bad at all!

What would be WORSE?  Falling off the wagon, giving up hope and falling back into old habits.  But I’m stronger than that.  I’ve been down that road and the only place it leads is to MISERY.

Question to myself: Are you going to be ordinary and give up and stop making an effort?  Or are you going to be extraordinary and just get back to it?

Next steps:  Watch Mish’s Week 3 video.  Plan out menu for the rest of the week.  Shop.  Exercise.  Routine, routine, routine.

Time to get back on the horse and soldier on.

Melinda xo

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Quiet as a mouse

What a weekend.  It has been raining non-stop & the kids have been home with me since Friday!  I was all booked in for Super Saturday Session at the gym, but my babysitters fell through.  I’ve also been suffering a very painful illness with shocking headaches and this awful feeling of being dehydrated because of the medication I’m taking!  So I haven’t done any exercise whatsoever since Thursday!  And that’s not all.  The wheels fell off with my planning and I’ve totally lost track with 12WBT.   I haven’t been on a huge junk food binge. I’ve just had too many carbs like white bread and bigger portion sizes and the calories have been over 1200.

Feeling a bit bad this morning, I really hope that I haven’ done any damage on the scales this week but all I can do is get back on the program and keep going.  The worst thing would be to give up!!!  I feel OK, I’ll accept whatever happens this week and not beat myself up about it.  Just have to keep going!

I’ve also neglected the blog, which kind of feels like I haven’t been honest with myself – maybe it’s a form of denial by not blogging about exactly what is happening in my day – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Kind of like eating in private  – if no one sees me, then it’s not really happening?

That’s something for me to  think about – perhaps this is bringing me close to the REAL underlying reasons why I struggle with food.

More on that later I think …

Melinda xo

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Old habits die hard

Yep, they sure do.  I knew this was coming.  We’re into Week 2 and  the motivation is still there, but the old behaviours are starting to show up. Last night I went shopping after picking up the boys.  I was absolutely starving at the time (alarm bell number 1).  I bought a few things, then took the kids to Michelle’s so they could choose a treat (alarm bell number 2).  They picked out little gingerbread men and we left.  On way home in the car, Mr 4 was asking for McDonalds.  I said no, but in my head I was thinking “Yeah, we could have macca’s”.  (Alarm bell numner 3).  And then the justifications came flying!!  I burnt 700 cals today, I can afford to.  I’ll just have a cheeseburger and a small fries.  Or my favourite … we weighed in today, I can get away with it!

I was literally talking myself INTO it, but at the very last minute, even the last second, I decided NO and I turned right at the round-about to head home, instead of going straight ahead into the land of temptation.

It literally came down to a split second decision of “No, I’m cooking something healthy and more importantly, I’m cooking something healthy for the kids.”

These are the temptations that are going to start tripping me up now.  And the choice is mine.  Am I going to be ordinary and make the choices that led me to be the size that I am now?  Or am I going to be extraordinary and drop this weight, transform my life and achieve the things I want?

It’s a challenge. Every day. A big test of how strong my will power is, whether I can resist temptation, whether my planning is working and most of all – whether I can control my brain and shut up that “inner teenager” who demands junk food and laziness .

Consistency is Key.

Melinda xo

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Week 2 Weigh In

Weigh in day today…drum roll please….I’ve lost 2.5kg this week!  So that brings the total so far for Round 2 to 3.2kgs.  VERY please with that result!  Getting close to my 15kg goal now which is just a fantastic feeling.

I’m looking forward to another huge week and a good result on the scales next week.

Melinda xo

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Day 2, Week 2

Week 2 already, wow it has really flown!!!  The first week of round 2 felt like an eternity.  It’s nice to have a better idea of what to expect this time around; for example, the headaches, the cravings and most of all the hunger!!  I think because I’m mixing up the training a lot, the exercise is far more interesting than just doing the walks.  Being in the gym is also a social opportunity too, which is great for me because I work from home and some days hardly mix with any people out in the real world!  I don’t feel so isolated seeing friendly and familiar faces at the gym every time I go.  I even have a Wednesday workout buddy already!

Will post again tomorrow morning after weigh in.

Melinda xo

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