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Old habits die hard

Yep, they sure do.  I knew this was coming.  We’re into Week 2 and  the motivation is still there, but the old behaviours are starting to show up. Last night I went shopping after picking up the boys.  I was absolutely starving at the time (alarm bell number 1).  I bought a few things, then took the kids to Michelle’s so they could choose a treat (alarm bell number 2).  They picked out little gingerbread men and we left.  On way home in the car, Mr 4 was asking for McDonalds.  I said no, but in my head I was thinking “Yeah, we could have macca’s”.  (Alarm bell numner 3).  And then the justifications came flying!!  I burnt 700 cals today, I can afford to.  I’ll just have a cheeseburger and a small fries.  Or my favourite … we weighed in today, I can get away with it!

I was literally talking myself INTO it, but at the very last minute, even the last second, I decided NO and I turned right at the round-about to head home, instead of going straight ahead into the land of temptation.

It literally came down to a split second decision of “No, I’m cooking something healthy and more importantly, I’m cooking something healthy for the kids.”

These are the temptations that are going to start tripping me up now.  And the choice is mine.  Am I going to be ordinary and make the choices that led me to be the size that I am now?  Or am I going to be extraordinary and drop this weight, transform my life and achieve the things I want?

It’s a challenge. Every day. A big test of how strong my will power is, whether I can resist temptation, whether my planning is working and most of all – whether I can control my brain and shut up that “inner teenager” who demands junk food and laziness .

Consistency is Key.

Melinda xo


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Day 2, Week 2

Week 2 already, wow it has really flown!!!  The first week of round 2 felt like an eternity.  It’s nice to have a better idea of what to expect this time around; for example, the headaches, the cravings and most of all the hunger!!  I think because I’m mixing up the training a lot, the exercise is far more interesting than just doing the walks.  Being in the gym is also a social opportunity too, which is great for me because I work from home and some days hardly mix with any people out in the real world!  I don’t feel so isolated seeing friendly and familiar faces at the gym every time I go.  I even have a Wednesday workout buddy already!

Will post again tomorrow morning after weigh in.

Melinda xo

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Seeing the Changes

Sharing a forum post.  Feel like it’s cheating a bit just adding something I’ve posted on the forums, but this is a big one & have to record it here.

Hi peeps.  I have a bit of a celebration I want to share.  I lost 11.5 in Round 2, certainly felt the clothes getting a bit looser, but to me I looked exactly the same in the mirror. I was a little disheartened towards the end because I’m so desperate to change the way I look & feel, but that feeling also fired me up for Round 3!!

Today, I got the gym gear on and what I noticed in the mirror just shocked me.  My shirt was so baggy around the shoulders & boobs, to the point of almost being unwearable AND, my butt seems to have “unmerged” with my legs LOL.  Hard to explain that one….I guess I can just literally see my legs & hips have shrunk & my butt is changing shape & perking itself up again.  Wish I could say the same about my boobs.  HAHAHA

So finally, I’m beginning to SEE the changes.  I thought it would never happen but it is. I’m well and truly on my way to a new body now and just feeling so happy I could cry.

Melinda xo

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