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Sharing the journey

Had a great workout today at Terrigal with some of the Team Central Coast girls.  Was awesome to do some training outdoors, with other people who are on the 12WBT journey!  We had some laughs, we had a bit of a groan and a whinge, but all in all we worked hard & go through it. Burnt 300 calories, which is good, but we did some cardio so I would expect more than that.  I just didn’t have my heart rate in the right zone for long enough!!  A few more runs up the skillion might have sorted that out!

But, on that note, I’m off to the gym tomorrow for my Wednesday boxing, cardio, weights & abs session – 2 hours of pure joy and after that, I’ll be working with the trainer to set up my program.

Can’t wait for weigh in tomorrow – I know it’s going to be great news!

Melinda xo


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How many calories am I burning?

The question that’s been bugging me since the start of Round 2.  I bought myself a HR Monitor when I started Round 2 thinking it was a bit of a “want” purchase, but I felt it would help me keep on track.  It’s a strapless one, just like  a watch.

But from the very first time I used it, I found it pretty much useless!! To get a reading, you have to stop & hold the pulse sensors. No biggie, that’s been OK but I’ve not been able to use it while pushing the pram.  Trying to work out calories burnt??  Impossible.  I’ve read and re-read the manual – it’s just so poorly written I can’t work it out.  A bit dissapointed really.

So, yesterday, with a little extra in the bank account, I purchased another monitor with a strap and OMG – it’s SO easy to use.  I’m wishing now that I just purchased one with a strap in the first place!!  I think the dude in rebel sport was just trying to flog off old stock when he convinced me that the strap would be uncomfortable.  I should have known!

Never mind, lessons learnt – always go with your gut feeling and also, don’t rush in, sometimes it helps to wit & see what you really NEED first.  And hopefully, my little strapless monitor will sell on eBay 🙂

Melinda xo

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