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All I want for Christmas is…

Wow, Round 3 kick off tomorrow.  I can’t believe when we finish this round we’ll be 2 weeks off Christmas!!  Another year almost over.

I’ve been single a few years now, and before my last relationship, in my late 20’s I was single for a few years as well.  So, I’ve always bought myself a special present at Christmas time.  Usually something a bit indulgent, just one thing from the list of “things I must have!”  A beautiful man and loving partner for life is on that list too, but that’s not something I’ve noticed in stock at David Jones lately.  Anyone know where to get one of those?

But anyway, getting back to the point … This year, I just can’t think of a better Christmas present to give myself than a healthier body.  Or my beautiful  ‘skinny’ clothes that are sitting in the wardrobe waiting for me. In fact I might even wrap them up in Christmas paper and stick them under the tree!!    What about giving myself the gift of having the inner confidence to strip off to my cozzies at the beach and just dive into that water without a care in the world!  That would be simply fantastic.

In 12 weeks, that’s where I’m going to be and I’m going to have the best Christmas I could ever imagine.

Kick off tomorrow – LET’S GO!!!

Melinda xo


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