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Seeing the Changes

Sharing a forum post.  Feel like it’s cheating a bit just adding something I’ve posted on the forums, but this is a big one & have to record it here.

Hi peeps.  I have a bit of a celebration I want to share.  I lost 11.5 in Round 2, certainly felt the clothes getting a bit looser, but to me I looked exactly the same in the mirror. I was a little disheartened towards the end because I’m so desperate to change the way I look & feel, but that feeling also fired me up for Round 3!!

Today, I got the gym gear on and what I noticed in the mirror just shocked me.  My shirt was so baggy around the shoulders & boobs, to the point of almost being unwearable AND, my butt seems to have “unmerged” with my legs LOL.  Hard to explain that one….I guess I can just literally see my legs & hips have shrunk & my butt is changing shape & perking itself up again.  Wish I could say the same about my boobs.  HAHAHA

So finally, I’m beginning to SEE the changes.  I thought it would never happen but it is. I’m well and truly on my way to a new body now and just feeling so happy I could cry.

Melinda xo


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