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Quiet as a mouse

What a weekend.  It has been raining non-stop & the kids have been home with me since Friday!  I was all booked in for Super Saturday Session at the gym, but my babysitters fell through.  I’ve also been suffering a very painful illness with shocking headaches and this awful feeling of being dehydrated because of the medication I’m taking!  So I haven’t done any exercise whatsoever since Thursday!  And that’s not all.  The wheels fell off with my planning and I’ve totally lost track with 12WBT.   I haven’t been on a huge junk food binge. I’ve just had too many carbs like white bread and bigger portion sizes and the calories have been over 1200.

Feeling a bit bad this morning, I really hope that I haven’ done any damage on the scales this week but all I can do is get back on the program and keep going.  The worst thing would be to give up!!!  I feel OK, I’ll accept whatever happens this week and not beat myself up about it.  Just have to keep going!

I’ve also neglected the blog, which kind of feels like I haven’t been honest with myself – maybe it’s a form of denial by not blogging about exactly what is happening in my day – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Kind of like eating in private  – if no one sees me, then it’s not really happening?

That’s something for me to  think about – perhaps this is bringing me close to the REAL underlying reasons why I struggle with food.

More on that later I think …

Melinda xo


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Keeping a food diary

With the best of intentions, I decided to use the food tracker and write down everything.  And for the first 4 days, I was doing that religiously. But now I’ve stopped!  Knowing how important it is to keep track of food & exercise, I’ll have to find a way to stick to this activity.  Maybe sticking the diary up on the fridge would help (It’s currently shuffled around my desk and it gets lost!).  Does anyone else struggle with this?


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How many calories am I burning?

The question that’s been bugging me since the start of Round 2.  I bought myself a HR Monitor when I started Round 2 thinking it was a bit of a “want” purchase, but I felt it would help me keep on track.  It’s a strapless one, just like  a watch.

But from the very first time I used it, I found it pretty much useless!! To get a reading, you have to stop & hold the pulse sensors. No biggie, that’s been OK but I’ve not been able to use it while pushing the pram.  Trying to work out calories burnt??  Impossible.  I’ve read and re-read the manual – it’s just so poorly written I can’t work it out.  A bit dissapointed really.

So, yesterday, with a little extra in the bank account, I purchased another monitor with a strap and OMG – it’s SO easy to use.  I’m wishing now that I just purchased one with a strap in the first place!!  I think the dude in rebel sport was just trying to flog off old stock when he convinced me that the strap would be uncomfortable.  I should have known!

Never mind, lessons learnt – always go with your gut feeling and also, don’t rush in, sometimes it helps to wit & see what you really NEED first.  And hopefully, my little strapless monitor will sell on eBay 🙂

Melinda xo

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Creating Time

After spending 3 mornings at the gym this week, and shopping, cooking etc, I’m amazed at how much time it really is taking up to get into this program.  I’ve basically only worked half days this week, and for me, that’s something that I know I can’t keep doing.  Lucky for me, this week it’s a quiet week but next week will be very different!!  I know that week 1 is a huge adjustment, but I really do wonder how the members who work full time, study, commute and have any sort of family/social life, manage to fit all of this in.  It’s really amazing to me, and these are the people that I consider to be ‘extraordinary’.  But, I understand that the whole point of this program is to make this new routine a permanent lifestyle change, so it’s a matter of finding a rountine that works and that doesn’t create extra pressure and stress.

On the weekend, I’ll be working on my daily/weekly schedule.  I’m about to become a schedule nazi and absolutely everything from training to cooking to chilling out will be scheduled in.  Here’s a post I wrote on the 12WBT forum this morning. Clearly others are struggling with this too!

Hi guys, this is a challenge for me too but it’s not just a challenge to fit in the gym, it’s a challenge to fit it anything!  I’ve just signed up at the gym also and I’m a single mum with 2 boys under 5.  My parents have agreed to babysit on Sat mornings for my super Saturday session, but the only opportunity I have to get to the gym is straight after I’ve dropped the kids at day care which is 4 days a week.  This week, I’ve done that 3 times, but the problem is I’m supposed to be working while they are at day care!  For me, the issue is literally only having a certain amount of child free hours in the day, so I’ve had to shuffle my entire routine around.  Fortunately, I work for myself so I can work in the evenings, but let me tell you this week, I have been absolutely buggered by the time the kids go to sleep, so it’s not really the BEST time for me to concentrate on work.

On the work front, it is very hard to put that second!  I have clients who need their work completed and the pressure is really on sometimes but at the end of the day, I’ve had to just manage my deadlines better and also manage client expectations better.  Often when they say something is URGENT, it’s actually not needed immediately, it’s more IMPORTANT but they are stressing about it and get the two mixed up HAHAHA.  Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped everything to get something done that day but it’s turned out I could have taken another day or two to get it done.  PEOPLE PLEASER MODE.  That’s stopped I can assure you.

I’ve never been the kind of person who plans out each section of the day but I’ve realised that doing that would really help me manage everything, especially booking new work in.  I’m scheduling in EVERYTHING! Gym, shopping, play time, work time, cooking – I think it’s the only way I’m going to get through this & manage everything without stressing.

There is a solution for everyone, it’s just a matter of being flexible with your routine and just putting yourself first – even as someone else mentioned, if it’s just for 20 mins, that’s better than no exercise at all.  Maybe asking for some help from work colleagues, managers and partners/flatmates at home with some of the domestic tasks could help take the pressure off too.

Melinda xo

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