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Getting Motivated

I’m reading through some of the posts on the 12WBT Facebook page and for the first time feel as pumped as I did a few days before I started Round 2! Even though we are doing this online, I can really feel the excitement and nervousness of the other members.

I think this time before kickoff is the most valuable because it’s really the time for you to get your head into gear and create the excitement you need to keep motivated through-out the program. Of course the pre-season tasks help with getting your head right as well.

I just need to complete the “Kitchen Makeover” today (it’s looking pretty good in there anyway but I’ve noticed a few little things creep back in…It’s time to go….chocolate yogo (for the kids!)

Oh, and I have to measure up too and submit my before pic. I’m so excited, can’t wait to get started.

Melinda xo


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